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Welcome, you are now at the centre of the universe. Because the centre of the universe are whatever you are. And you are together with web site there.

If you are at this page is because surely you don't understand our language, so we are going to explain shortly what information Sellent.Cat offers to you.

Sellent.Cat were created in order to protect the historic and present values of a village and his county called Sellent and sited at these coordinates: 42º10'30”N, 1º13'41” E and 1000m from sea level in the nation of Catalonia and next to the golf of Lion at the Mediterranean west area and south of Europe. Sellent.Cat has also the goal of promote and protect his cultural present, historic and prehistoric acknowledgement and to inform to the visitors that they are under risk when moving around the Sellent field due to a psychopathic behaviour of a neighbour (just in case you are thinking in visiting us).

We cannot teach you our Catalan language by now, so we are going to explain on sight what the next pages says briefly:

The main, index page, as well as let you to go directly to the other pages, it informs you about what are the most recent news about Sellent and inform to travellers for caution they should take moving around Sellent term.

A page is dedicated specifically to inform about the cove where was found the skeletons of 8 humans coming from the bronze era and links to others places to extend information.

Some pages are focused to get a library of the biodiversity that could be found within the term: grass, mushrooms, trees, animals, and insects.


An exclusive page informs about the criminal events that has happened a long the time mainly suspected around a family as culprits.

Dinosaurs and prehistory occupies a page informing about the fossils that have been found around the county and it is (expected) aimed for a scientific rapport.

The words and sayings that are exclusive for this area also have their place here. This part is strongly important to prevent that invading languages damages the own genuine ways and aims to the inhabitants to us them.

In the same way we relate the country places and theirs names in order to save the historic memory for the future.

Since I wrote this, the most successful page was that collects ancient photos.

Finally the last included pages are those relating games and traditions, projects for Sellent, their stories and histories.

Now, some of those pages are not developed yet, and sure new ideas will come in the future to be enclosed at this web site. Photos will give you a help to know where you are. Although texts are not translated, if we can help you in any of the matters in which you could be interested in you are invited to request info at the special email created just for you:

If your parent family came from this village, Sellent of Alt Urgell county in Catalonia, we will be pleased to know from you.

Sellent.Cat administrator

  You may find helpful this link [translendium] its free translator will approach to catalan  
Francesc M. G. canta una havanera
sing an habanera (a traditional catalan song)
Vaixell - Havanera
pels sellentins que van fer les amèriques
for those people from Sellent who went to America
      What is Catalonia, the nation where Sellent is located?         See the below YouTube video for your info